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How much is your system holding you back from delivering what customers need? And how do you fix it?

We help you develop and build the systems that unleash product teams to deliver value as they want. Not if they can. Freedom for product teams is a system they enjoy using to delight customers – a contemporary, cloud-based product platform with evolutionary, scalable architecture, security, performance and resilience, and an API ecosystem for digital partners. Organisations understand this and invest heavily to transform their legacy systems. So why do so many of them struggle?

We see three patterns for successful technology transformation. Organisations understand the ‘big picture’ role for technology, focus on finding value rather than focus on the tech itself, and commit to tackling the underlying factors that cause intractable problems.

It’s this last pattern that creates the most significant hurdles for any transformation journey. Organisations may tend to adopt an expedient approach to solving problems, rather than tackling the underlying factors. It’s understandable because it’s so challenging to commit to tackling things that appear so complicated.

These underlying factors, which we call ‘Complex Technology Constraints’ (CTCs), are the tangles in the net that stop you going fishing – from finding and delivering value. Every organisation has software systems that suffer to a greater or lesser degree from:

  • Legacy Systems – the value of data & business rules are frozen by prior workarounds
  • The Onion – layers & layers of architecture from previous 'civilisations'
  • The CIO/CTO/CDO Paradox – competition for resources has created suboptimal design & delivery of tech
  • Lack of Visibility – the system has become so complex you can’t see into it
  • System Evolution – the prior use of rigid technologies & architecture has become just another heritage system
Loosening these Complex Technology Constraints untangles the net to deliver value for the business

The risk of trying another ‘band-aid’ approach to work around these constraints has become too high. Truly uplifting an organisation’s technology-ability is really about having the courage to tackle them head on. There’s a way!

It’s not about big-bang, rip-and-replace initiatives. Instead, we transition organisations to a contemporary future system by taking a step-by-step, continuous modernisation approach that aligns to business priorities.

Each step identifies one high-value service or domain to focus effort – we think of this as ‘finding the fastest path to value’. Our technical leads, developers and architects work side-by-side with teams to loosen the constraints affecting that priority just enough to extract it. Together we transition the service or domain to a product platform the product team will love. Find out how…

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Our Transition Technology playbook

Our playbooks are freely downloadable – no contact details required.

Our Transition Technology playbook explains how we help organisations build contemporary software systems step-by-step. Learn more about:

  • What good looks like
  • Untangling Complex Technology Constraints
  • Technology’s contribution to the ‘big picture’
  • A process for progress
  • Journeying in confidence & safety

Critical Services

Technical Due Diligence

Our Technical Due Diligence service provides greater confidence to investors by evaluating the technology of a software product business they're interested in. It's also valuable for those software businesses that want confidence about their technology prior to seeking investment.

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Virtual CTO

Our Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) service is for smaller, growing software businesses that need experienced technology guidance, but are not ready to hire a full-time CTO. HYPR's tech team provides the expertise to ensure technology strategy and execution supports business objectives. We tailor our vCTO service to your individual needs.


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Tasktop is revolutionising Value Stream Management with a platform that helps enterprises ‘see through the black box’ of software delivery, align IT initiatives with business goals and accelerate flow. As trained Tasktop partners, we’re ready to help you see value in a whole new way.

Dev Academy

We work with Dev Academy to provide critical capability uplift for developers, helping them expand their technical skills to deliver better software. Dev Academy is where Kiwi ingenuity and values of manaakitanga and aroha collide with innovation, education and technology. is home for some of the world’s most experienced SPCTs (SAFe Programme Trainers) and transformation consultants (including HYPR’s Gillian and Gareth). Our partnership ensures we learn, share, collaborate to ensure delivery of world-class SAFe® education.


Nomad8 is one of New Zealand’s leading Agile consulting, training and coaching practices. We work with Nomad8 on Callaghan Innovation’s Build for Speed programme where the engagement is targeted towards building high-performing, self-organising product and delivery teams.