Workshops to accelerate flow

We offer specialised workshops that focus on improving how you organise, measure and deliver customer value...

On demand. Tailored to your needs

HYPR Workshops are delivered by experienced HYPR trainers, coaches and mentors who work on the coalface of delivery every day. Our workshops are:

  • Available on demand at a time to suit you
  • Exclusive to your organisation
  • Tailored to achieve the outcomes you want
  • Run at your offices or an external venue (which we will organise in agreement with you)
  • Fully catered as required

Value Stream Management

The most progressive enterprises across the world are engaging Value Stream Management (VSM) practices. This one to one-and-a-half-day HYPR workshop introduces executives to the practice and how it accelerates the flow of value delivered to customers. Learn about the shift from Project to Product-oriented delivery, how to map Value Streams, create the right team topologies within streams and use frameworks and metrics to measure flow. An invaluable introduction to a transformational practice.


Flow and Flow Metrics

This one-day Flow and Flow Metrics workshop delivers a deeper dive into the frameworks and metrics used in Value Stream Management. Your teams will learn how to measure the value delivered to customers, identify the bottlenecks preventing faster flow and how to prioritise resources across different types of work. It’s essential new-world learning for portfolio managers, product owners, delivery leads and engineers.


Modern Test Engineering

A one-day course designed to give super powers to testers, automation engineers and developers of all levels. Your teams will explore the cutting-edge test engineering practices we use with our clients and see how their adoption can transform how you approach and ensure quality. Make serious bottlenecks of rework and unplanned work a thing of the past.


Pair Programming

Pair Programming delivers capability uplift, faster delivery and higher quality. This one-day workshop shows you how to do it and extract the benefits. Engineers and developers of all levels can learn how to produce simpler code solutions through hands-on, practical examples. Liberate learning in your teams with this exceptional workshop.


Intro to SAFe

A workshop for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the Scaled Agile Framework and how it could transform your organisation through SAFe®. Course is non-SAFe® certified.

ON DEMAND. Email us

SAFe for Executives

This tailored workshop is an interactive three-to-six-hour session that helps leaders explore their current technology development challenges and why they might consider a framework like SAFe®. It covers the key SAFe® concepts and benefits, whether SAFe® is the right choice for their organisation and the potential next steps in their SAFe® implementation. Course is non-SAFe® certified.

ON DEMAND. Email us

Agile HR Explorer

This one-day, face-to-face Agile HR course is run in conjunction with Just Leading Solutions (JLS) Academy and is co-hosted by Fabiola Eyholzer, course creator and renowned thought leader in the area. The course is designed for HR professionals interested in Lean-Agile. Attendees will explore the new world of work and HR and learn how and why Agile is instrumental in creating more stable, responsive and successful organisations.

Agile HR Explorer