SAFe® courses to accelerate flow

The Scaled Agile Framework provides enterprises with a proven route to embed Lean-Agile ways of working and set their teams up for success.


SAFe® courses to accelerate flow

The Scaled Agile Framework provides enterprises with a proven route to embed Lean-Agile ways of working and set their teams up for success.

Adopting Lean-Agile ways of working helps your teams deliver value at the speed of change. It embeds new mindsets, principles and practices to create more creative, longer-lasting and stable teams. It empowers people to respond, adapt, learn and continuously improve the value they deliver to customers. It creates an environment for success.

Helping enterprises change the way they work requires a proven Lean-Agile framework and the commitment of leadership to apply, support and sustain it at scale.

We use the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) to help enterprises work better. It’s the world’s most widely-used framework, rigorous yet adaptable, and it’s 100% based on Lean principles. SAFe® is a framework, not ‘Agile by numbers’ and, as such, it allows itself to be ‘right-sized’ to your organisation.

SAFE® is an extensive knowledge base of proven principles, values, desired mindsets, competencies and practices. It brings together all the new ways of working – Lean, Agile, Design Thinking and DevOps – and scales beyond IT to encompass the whole enterprise. The newest version of SAFe® 6.0 was launched in March 2023 with a focus on accelerating the flow of value to customers.

SAFe® has the most comprehensive set of training courses of any framework and these form the foundations for implementation. Over 660,000 people worldwide have been trained. We’re proud – as a Scaled Agile Gold Partner – to have trained more in New Zealand than any other provider.


As the nation’s leading SAFe® practice, we have implemented SAFe® in dozens of organisations. Our experience tells us what works at New Zealand scale. The foundation Configuration of SAFe® 6.0 is called Essential SAFe®. Every organisation must start at that level and, for the vast majority of New Zealand organisations, there is no need to go further. (Don’t be put off by the complex-looking FULL SAFe® Configuration picture which, unfortunately, seems to be most people’s first acquaintance with SAFe®).

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We’ve identified four clear factors that will help you take your teams on a successful SAFe® journey. Each asks questions of the enterprise:

A purpose for change
What are you trying to achieve, how are people aligned to this, how will this impact your business? In short… what’s the big picture and the story you tell?

A central role for leadership
What is the role of leadership in the change? What behaviours are expected of leaders ‘to do by example’? How will they ensure that others maintain commitment to – and deliver – change?

Developing the ability to work in complex, adaptive systems
How can individuals and teams work confidently, collaboratively and effectively in the new customer-centric environments created by Lean-Agile transformation?

Sustaining transformation – paying attention to the individual
How do you align the intrinsic motivations of people to the purpose of change, get them onboard, turn capability into competency and give them the skills to adapt to a new and complex world? (Frameworks tend to ignore the individual!).

SAFe® 6.0 certified courses by HYPR

For learning/training and certification, we offer the following fully-certified SAFe® 6.0 courses.

Implementing SAFe® 6.0

A four-day course to prepare you for implementing SAFe® 6.0, how to identify value streams, launch Agile Release Trains, optimise flow and apply OKRs to Strategic Themes that identify the targeted outcomes for SAFe transformation. It also gives you the basis to teach SAFe® with the Leading SAFe® course, among others. A Scaled Agile Gold Partner, we're the only people able to deliver this course in New Zealand.


SAFe® 6.0 Release Train Engineer

This three-day, advanced course will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the roles and responsibilities within the SAFe® enterprise. You will explore the skills required to facilitate and enable end-to-end value delivery through Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and learn how to build a high-performing ART through servant leadership and coaching. A Scaled Agile Gold Partner, we're the only people able to deliver this course in New Zealand.


SAFe® 6.0 for Architects

This three-day course will explore the roles, responsibilities and mindset of Agile Architects. It helps you understand how to align architecture with business value and drive continuous flow to large systems-of-systems, while supporting SAFe programme execution. The SAFe® for Architects course prepares System, Solution and Enterprise Architects to engage across the organisation as effective leaders and change agents who collaboratively deliver architectural solutions.


Leading SAFe® 6.0

This two-day course helps leaders of a Lean-Agile change initiative to develop a Lean-Agile Mindset and apply the principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). They will also learn how to lead enterprise transformation that accelerates the flow of value and delivers measurable business outcomes at scale.


SAFe® 6.0 for Teams

This two-day course will help you build the skills needed to become a high-performing team member of an Agile Release Train (ART) – and learn how to collaborate effectively with other teams – by becoming a SAFe® 6.0 Practitioner (SP). You will gain an in-depth understanding of the ART, how it delivers value and your role in making it super-effective using Scrum, Kanban and XP. This is a high-energy course and is perfect for signing your teams for your first ART launch.


Non-certified SAFe® courses by HYPR

Intro to SAFe

A workshop for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the Scaled Agile Framework and how it could transform your organisation through SAFe®.

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SAFe for Executives

This tailored workshop is an interactive three-to-six-hour session that helps leaders explore their current technology development challenges and why they might consider a framework like SAFe®. It covers the key SAFe® concepts and benefits, whether SAFe® is the right choice for their organisation and the potential next steps in their SAFe® implementation.

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“Great facilitators, honest and patient! Course content was delivered in a flexible way, allowing for attendees to have enough discussion to link back to real-world examples whilst still keeping on track”

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