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The Big Picture

The 'Golden Age of Digital & Software' is here. What is it? Why does it matter? And are you ready?

In her book Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, Carlota Perez introduced us to five ‘Techno-economic Paradigms’ and the dynamics of ‘Bubbles and Golden Ages’. We’re entering the Golden Age of the fifth paradigm – Digital & Software – where the opportunities to prosper are huge but the race to maintain customer relevance accelerates. The winners will be those enterprises that focus on continuously improving HOW value is delivered to customers. We’ve designed our solutions to help you achieve it. By continuously modernising technology, adopting Lean-Agile principles, improving practices and shifting from ‘project to product’, we help you uplift your organisation’s ability to thrive.

In the Digital & Software Paradigm, the new means of production is the algorithm. This has created tectonic shifts away from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge economy and from economies of scale to economies of flow. As new technology became fully ‘diffused’, the startups used it in new ways to become unicorns, creating in their wake a speculative frenzy that took us to what Perez calls the ‘Turning Point’. Legacy enterprises have spent over a decade implementing digital transformations in response to these shifts – with varying degrees of success. Now, as we move beyond the turning point, the need to fully adapt to meet the new has never been more urgent. There’s still time, but the approach to change needs to… change.

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Transformations are extremely challenging. There are so many moving parts and activities, each with high expectations of reaching a prescribed destination for a new business process, business model, domain or organisational culture. Often, the picture of what good looks like becomes outdated as technological change accelerates. A better approach is to focus on making a step-by-step transition that de-risks change, delivers smaller increments of value earlier and adapts to what emerges along the way. We help our clients build a strategic big picture and find the fastest transition to value across four dimensions of organisational ability.

Across these dimensions our focus is finding customer-centric solutions that deliver valuable business outcomes. Good looks something like this…

  • Transition Technology
    Goal – To build contemporary systems that allow the frictionless delivery of value
  • Scaling Lean-Agile
    Goal – To adopt contemporary Lean thinking and ways of working that creates a culture focused on delivering customer value – with the ability to adapt quickly to complex change
  • Improve Practices
    Goal – To engage in contemporary technical practices that increase the quality, velocity and flow of value
  • From Project to Product
    Goal – To organise around Value Streams to make value visible and aligned to business outcomes

Discovering your organisation’s context and appetite for investment in innovation is the starting point in any transformation or transition journey. We help organisations understand the trade-offs between investing to sustain productivity and performance and investing to create new value from products and business models. Too often the balance is tipped in favour of improving what exists today, rather than exploring and experimenting with what’s needed tomorrow.

Our headline playbook The Big Picture helps you consider your innovation landscape, ‘how’ you’ll need to play if you are to thrive in the Golden Age and the improvements in organisational ability that will help get you there. We’d love to be on that journey with you…

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Our headline playbook The Big Picture sets the scene for improving your organisation’s ability to deliver value. Learn more about:

  • The Golden Age of Digital & Software
  • Stages of digital maturity
  • The innovation landscape
  • Four dimensions of ability
  • Successful transition (or why transformations can fail)

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Tasktop is revolutionising Value Stream Management with a platform that helps enterprises ‘see through the black box’ of software delivery, align IT initiatives with business goals and accelerate flow. As trained Tasktop partners, we’re ready to help you see value in a whole new way.

Dev Academy

We work with Dev Academy to provide critical capability uplift for developers, helping them expand their technical skills to deliver better software. Dev Academy is where Kiwi ingenuity and values of manaakitanga and aroha collide with innovation, education and technology. is home for some of the world’s most experienced SPCTs (SAFe Programme Trainers) and transformation consultants (including HYPR’s Gillian and Gareth). Our partnership ensures we learn, share, collaborate to ensure delivery of world-class SAFe® education.


Nomad8 is one of New Zealand’s leading Agile consulting, training and coaching practices. We work with Nomad8 on Callaghan Innovation’s Build for Speed programme where the engagement is targeted towards building high-performing, self-organising product and delivery teams.