Scale at Speed


Our startup clients need to keep ahead. With our help, they have transitioned to keep pace with growing customer demand and move into new markets. We loved working with them and want to do the same for you.

Small steps. Large Growth.

NZ tech startups are great at innovation, but growing pains can sometimes leave them struggling to keep pace with demand.

Profitability potential

Finding something that is in demand is hard enough. But to have found that demand and then not be able to keep up with it is incredibly frustrating. Ultimately, the potential profitability of the company is not realised—so the business loses, investors lose and the NZ economy loses.

Our results

We were able to get ahead of these growing pains with one of our clients over the past year, and those are the results above.

Compared with this time last year, we are exponentially better because you showed us that simple works and scales! Founder
  • Twice as long, twice as much

    Initial versions of tech products are necessarily “fast and cheap” as you experiment and respond to find product/market fit. The pressure to keep delivering and grow at the same time, often leads companies to hire more devs to try and build more. But often, what you’ll see is that delivery starts to take twice as long and cost twice as much. This slow pace of delivery, combined with the cost of the growing tech team, eventually puts an unbearable pressure on cashflow. This is just one symptom of what we call scale fail.

  • coding bootcamp prep course

    Transition to meet demand

    In the growth phase, companies need to be able to take transition steps from one “right-scale” to the next. You might be surprised how small and painless these can be.

  • coding bootcamp prep course

    Deliver as you transition

    Our approach to scaling focuses on four areas—making simpler technology that works harder (think 80% less code), acting as one, enabling you to continue delivering to customers as you make these transitions and building the capability of your teams.