Tiny Tales from the Frontline

Tiny Tales puts our experience at the transformation coalface into easily digestible, mercilessly illustrated, infinitely usable learnings. Download, enjoy, paste into a deck and share.

Issue 02 . April 2022

“A collection of thoughts inspired by our experience of trying to recruit people”

In this latest issue, we talk about people and our recent experiences of finding, recruiting and growing them better. And who better to ask for such tiny tales than our own people? Download our latest issue and find out how to free the very big elephant in the tiny room that is New Zealand...


Issue 1

October 2021

In our launch issue, we answer questions such as ‘What’s the KPI that kills innovation?’, ‘Why is culture ‘not your property’?’, ‘How do you turn a user story on its head?’ and ‘When is code really complete?’. Download our first collection of stories straight from the frontline, have a read… and hopefully have a laugh too.


Issue 2

April 2022

Issue 2 is all about people – who to attract and how to attract the 'right' people – whoever those right people may be. In a sector that often feels like a game of musical chairs, we've learnt from the people who already work for us that it's time to tear up the rule book, throw the hiring template away and value potential over the predictable...


Issue 3

October 2022

Available October 2022