Finding inspiration

In the search for our brand's visual identity, we wanted to avoid technology stock shots, people pretending to use devices and Post-it notes clinging to a window. You know. The result was an illustration language of our very own, designed and described by Anne-Amelie Berdugo, Creative Director. Here are our favourites to download, print, use and share as you like...

The Net

Human architecture or systems resemble a complex net, flows of data running at high speed, branching, interconnecting, looping, getting lost... from afar it’s mesmerising.


An opposition by nature, a relationship in contrast, but when in symbiosis can create something different, something better...


A rhythm of shapes, an optical motion of gears shifting, clicking, revolving or simply blocking the way. Find the path...

Golden Age

Adapted from AudioTech’s summary of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital by Carlota Perez, this poster captures the essential lines and shapes of the graph 'The Life & Times of a Technology Revolution'.


A moment passing in slow motion, shapes balancing and tipping as you weigh your options before a move.

Turning Point

A point in time when all factors combine and align towards a radical change. A turning point bringing a serenity in the lines.


A simple lens or a portal to knowledge that lets you see the true colours of things and help you understand the world around you.


All things have a timeline – a stream – where formation emerges along the way, bridges are made and nature finds the right direction.


Somewhere in the distance, a vision is formed. A thought like a magnet that pulls things towards it. It all vibrates and comes together as one.