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By bringing systems-level thinking and a toolbox of useful models, concepts and frameworks to your table, we help you explore your challenges through different lenses. Our playbooks explain how...

A ‘Big Picture’ in four dimensions

Our ‘headline’ playbook The Big Picture explores why organisations need to transform their ability to compete in the 'Golden Age’ of Digital & Software. In this Pursuit of Relevance, we believe there are four transformational dimensions, each covered in a separate playbook – Transition Technology, Scaling Lean-Agile, Improve Practices and shift From Project to Product. Our playbooks are free to download and we'd love you to share them too.

The Big Picture

The Golden Age is here

Five surges in technological innovation over the last 250 years have disrupted, shaped and transformed our lives. The fifth is entering its most explosive period. Are you ready?


Transition Technology

Untangle the net

Existing technology often constrains teams from delivering the value customers want. How do you untangle the complexities and build the contemporary software systems that unleash the organisation to build, scale and deliver value fast?


Scaling Lean-Agile

Edit the DNA

The instructions for how organisations develop and survive are contained in the collective thinking of its people. This is the DNA that determines Lean Thinking, behaviours, the culture that emerges and the organisation’s ability to compete. Have you got the right DNA?


Improve Practices

Enhance the flow

The quality and maturity of software practices used by an organisation is directly linked to the flow of value to customers. Adopting contemporary practices shifts gears to accelerate this flow. Are you up to speed?