Open for business. In Australia

After working across the Tasman to develop a nearshoring model, we’re delighted to announce HYPR’s formal entry into the Australian market.

Over the last decade, we’ve established a reputation in NZ for doing things differently – and with transformative outcomes – across many sectors. We believed we could do the same for Australian businesses and our experience in the last 12 months on a significant engagement has backed that up. So, having tested the market, we’ve made the call.

Vision, product, engineering

Our offer for Australian businesses is also focused on accelerating flow – that is, helping progressive enterprises create world-class engineering practices that deliver value fast for customers. We’ve created a quick snapshot of what we do that’s equally relevant for our NZ customers.

We’ve honed our key patterns across technology, architecture, practices and people to help clients implement what we call a ‘reference delivery ecosystem’. It creates the technical and human environment for success and which can rapidly adapt to the changing tech landscape. Read a case study here.

Proven ways of working

For our Australian operation, we’re keeping all the good things that we know work so well…

  • The use of a Hybrid Team Model that puts our experts alongside client teams to deliver, share and uplift capability. Leaving a legacy of sustainable excellence is core to our offer. You can read more about the Magic of Hybrid Teams here
  • Remote working. It’s always been part of our culture and we’ve proven it works across the pond. It’s ‘nearshoring’ with minimal time difference, a common language and rates that represent outstanding value-for-money in the Australian market
  • We’ll be on-the-ground when appropriate with seniors and principals able to engage at the highest level

We launched our presence in Australia with a dedicated Australian website. We talk about the same things we believe in as you’ll find here, but cast in a slightly different way. I’d love to hear what you think. And if you have contacts in Australia that you believe might be interested in our approach, an introduction would be most appreciated. Thanks very much.

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Justin Tomlinson

CEO 'JT' has worked his way from the coalface of technical delivery to running product and technology for household brands including AOL, Sky Europe and JK Rowling's Wizarding World. He has a strong focus on people and is a true 'servant leader'.

More Ideas

Putting patterns to work

We’ve published a new case study that shows how we’ve used patterns to implement a flow-optimised ‘Delivery Ecosystem’ for a fintech client.

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