Our story

Who we are.

At Hypr, we are a collective of experienced software professionals. We've worked in corporates and startups through to sale and failure; we've done ALL roles in the process between us, and we know how to work in and with teams. We are not just techies, we are technologists with an eye to the business. We know that it is critical to keep information flowing between the boardroom and the keyboard.

Our expertise.

What we do.

We are all about people, building trust and ensuring that companies get the right engagement for where they are at. Our Build for Speed programme is an early stage dip-your-toes-in-the-water where we provide advice and help you assess yourself. Our other two programmes, Iterate to Speed and Scale at Speed, are increasingly immersive working with and alongside your people. In the end, we work with teams to ensure that great ideas can get their day in the sun. And when you’re seeing genuine ‘jump-at-it-ness’ from customers, that the product can scale to keep pace with exponential demand.

Our Values.

If we see something that doesn’t work, we cannot stand idly by. We think people in IT need a better life. We love change, innovation and disruption. It’s the making of us. Share. Together is social and social is good.