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The Golden Age is here. Are you ready?

Posted by Gillian Clark, Gareth Evans . Oct 09.20

We've entered the Golden Age of the digital revolution, a time of great opportunity and prosperity for those who are able to compete. For enterprises which have the ability to continuously deliver value for their customers by uplifting the organisation's abilities across technology, talent and practices, and by placing customers at the centre, you'll be better positioned to play in this Age. We're here to help you play.

Gillian Clark

Co-founder of HYPR, our CEO and strategic transformation adviser and one of the first fully-certified SAFe® Programme Consultant Trainers (SPCT). Gillian is always in pursuit of the 'moments' that make us love what we do.

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Our pursuit of relevance

Posted by Gillian Clark . Sep 29.20

It’s been a year of unprecedented disruption for New Zealand enterprises... but not the kind anyone expected. One potential outcome of the pandemic is that it will accelerate digital life ...

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Is there a play for that? Really?

Posted by Gareth Evans . Sep 28.20

We’ve written ‘playbooks’ for our solutions to provide insights into how we help organisations uplift their ability to compete in the Golden Age. Feedback by our teams and customers typically ...

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Posted by Gillian Clark . Sep 27.20

We’re super-passionate about helping NZ organisations improve their ability to deliver value through software. We believe we have a different take on how best to achieve that and a uniquely ...

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Mapping Lean Principles to SAFe® – Pt 1

Posted by Gareth Evans . Sep 23.20

We’re in business to help clients move away from focusing on the utilisation of people in the system to the delivery of value – from economies of scale to the ...

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SAFe® 5.0 – 'Business Agility's' best opportunity for success

Posted by Gillian Clark . Feb 10.20

Last month (Jan 2020), I attended the SAFe 5.0 Masterclass at Scaled Agile’s headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. The three-day event heralded the introduction of a major update to SAFe – ...

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