Software Engineers

Posted by Vicky Price . Sep 28.21

A picture of you

You're a passionate geek with experience across the entire SDLC. You’ve too often been confined within a walled-garden IDE and you want to break free. You have an insatiable appetite for doing amazing things with software and, for reasons you can’t explain, you can’t stop yourself learning new languages. You may have a penchant for the front-end – React, Node, Angular – or you like the heavy-lifting of Ruby, Scala or Python. You know that building in quality writing tests for your code is just what you do. #automateeverything is the hashtag you live by, Agile is your way of thinking, code craft is what inspires you and what you don’t know drives your desire to learn more. It’s why you love pair coding. And you know that works both ways. Above all, you want to help our clients be better at what they do, making an impact through the speed of change. This is a unique opportunity to work with amazing people on the very best and most challenging engagements. And yes, from home.

The creds we need

  • At least three years working as a full stack developer
  • Ideally knowledge of CI/CD, Typescript, Microservices, Kafka, TDD, React
  • Smart, problem solver
  • Curious, self-learning team player
  • Experience working with high-performing teams
  • Comfortable with complex challenges and complex environments
  • Comfortable working from your home environment


This is a full-time position (although we may be interested in part-time). You will be working remotely, but preferably living close to our biggest cities. Travel as required.

From Python snakes to React-ors you know how to make a difference in helping us and our clients in the Pursuit of Relevance. We want the very best engineering talent.

If you think that's you, here are your next steps...

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