Coding Architect

You might have put yourself in a box – Solution Architect, Enterprise Architect, Software Architect, CloudOps Architect, or maybe you are fighting to get out of one. We are experienced architects too and we know we each come with our own patterns, standards and formats! We are looking for experienced architects to join our team.

You’re driven to make a difference* in the organisations you work with and know that great systems support great businesses. You’re on a quest of continuous learning and have not simply spent a career on package integration and vendor-oriented architectures. You’re cynical enough to be funny but not so much that you bore people with negativity. You’ve been doing this long enough to know what you don’t know and have some real stories to share. You enjoy building platforms to leverage real business capabilities and opportunities. You can make other humans (real-world, normal ones) understand and care about complex things without hurting their brains. You’re hands-on, pragmatic and understand how important distributed applications and cloud native computing are to modern company growth. This is a unique opportunity to work with amazing people on the very best and most challenging engagements.

  • Experience with distributed systems including microservices, REST, serverless and event-sourcing patterns
  • Polyglot development skills, ideally with experience in Typescript
  • Understanding of intentional and emergent architecture
  • Expertise in evolving architecture through layered test automation with TDD
  • Understanding of CD including automating deployments, configuration management and infrastructure as code
  • Experience in different forms of persistence and ideally with streaming platforms such as Kafka
  • Any degree eg. BSc

This is a full-time position (although we may be interested in part-time). You will be working remotely, but preferably living close to our biggest cities. Travel as required.

From coding architects to platform builders, you know how to make a difference in helping us and our clients in the Pursuit of Relevance. We want the very best engineering talent.

If you think that's you, here are your next steps...

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  • Hit the Creds button
  • In the email, tell us why you think you might be a good fit for HYPR (<150 words)
  • Attach your CV to the email
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