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DevOps EngineersDevOps Engineers


DevOps Engineers

Posted by Vicky Price . Sep 29.21

You jumped into DevOps a while ago – because you saw the future.

Building automated cloud infrastructures to enable the design, implementation and monitoring of production systems, automated deployment, standing up test environments and continuously improving platform security and resilience. You’ve become an outstanding engineer, but being an expert in your comfort zone is not enough. You need a bigger DevOps challenge to take you forward. We're looking for you.

Software EngineersSoftware Engineers


Software Engineers

Posted by Vicky Price . Sep 28.21

You might not care for titles, labels or for being in a box.

We don't either, but we are looking for a specific set of skills to help us build great software for our clients, uplift their teams' capability and improve our own understanding too. Some may call this a Software Engineer, others a Back-end Developer, others a Senior Developer. We're looking for craft-conscious engineers to help us build platforms for our clients.

Coding ArchitectsCoding Architects


Coding Architects

Posted by Vicky Price . Sep 14.21

You might have put yourself in a box – Solution Architect or Enterprise Architect.

Or maybe Software Architect or CloudOps Architect. Maybe you are fighting to get out of one. We are experienced architects too and we know we each come with our own patterns, standards and formats! We are looking for experienced architects to join our team.