Technology is about people

We’re building a collective of extraordinary talent with shared values and a passionate commitment to deliver game-changing outcomes for New Zealand enterprises.

Justin Tomlinson, CEO

Reuben Dunn, Principal Cloud Architect

Gareth Evans, Founder & Chief Engineer

Vicky Price, Mission Control

Ajay Blackshah, Chief Practices Officer

Rob England, Associate Consultant

Martin Kearns, Associate Partner

Davin Ryan, Coding Architect

Gillian Clark, Founder & Director

Rick Mugridge, Yoda

Don Smith, Mentor & Coach

Philip Rodrigues, Coding Architect

Tony Luisi, Coding Architect

Noah Cantor, Technical Leadership

Anne-Amelie Berdugo, Creative Director

Bing Shi, Coding Architect

Paul Jacobs, Coding Architect

Blair Jacobs, Coding Architect

Anna Tyrrell, Technical Editor & Coding Architect

Benji Stephenson, Coding Architect

Daniel Walters, Principal Consultant

Laché Melvin, The Coding Gymnast

Nathan Wang, Coding Architect

Leighton van Roojen, Coding Architect

Eleanor Woodhouse, Coding Architect

Rob Redgwell, Principal Consultant

Catherine Collins, People Pod Lead

Tanya Kennard-Campbell, People & Culture

Siân Hoskins, Marcoms

Nick Allan, Strategy & Engagement

The principles that guide us

Conjure moments

Strive to create the a-ha! moments that jolt, liberate and inspire you. They’ll help you discover the ‘elevation, insight, pride and connection’ that become defining memories and waypoints on your personal journey. Following these will help…

Listen and observe first

Empathy, respect and compassion start here. It’s the cornerstone of learning and shared experience that puts you into insightful territory, open to moments. It’s the thing that allows your strong opinions – however loosely held – to be heard in return and validated (or otherwise) by others who may know more. It shows you care, it brings others to your side and everyone’s wellbeing will be better for it.

Explore, experience and find purpose

Stretch your comfort levels, embrace uncertainty and be open to a journey of discovery. Take joy in the ambiguity of it all and cherish the experiences along the way – the wins, the fails and the risks that took you away from life as usual. Somewhere on this kind of journey you’ll definitely have moments. One of those might be finding your purpose.

Good things multiply

Create the things that make life better and more good things are sure to follow. Create relationships, trust, understanding, networks, diversity of thought and ideas. Create the environments that allow people to become better versions of themselves. If we do all of this together, we’ll conjure more moments for everyone.

Engage differently

We have a unique approach to thinking about your challenges and how they can be met.

Playbooks – finding a path to value

We bring systems-level thinking and a toolbox of models, frameworks and concepts to shine a light on your situation in ways that you may not have considered. Ways that help you see things through different lenses and which reveal the new paths to value that are worth exploring.


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